Sky’s the limit for Marbella scraper

LAST UPDATED: 2 Jan, 2014 @ 15:30
Sky’s the limit for Marbella scraper

A BITTER civil war has erupted between the old guard of Marbella and Marbella Town, over plans to erect an ultra modern 50-storey skyscraper in one of the most luxurious areas of the town.

Marbella Town Hall, under the leadership of mayor Angeles Munoz, has altered the town plans to allow a potential six skyscrapers to be constructed.

The first proposed building designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill will be located on the Istan road, close to the Marbella home of Real Madrid star Gareth Bale.

The building has outraged local residents, including Prince Pablo von Hohenlohe, whose uncle Alfonso build the world famous Marbella Club Hotel.

He has warned that the skyscraper would destroy one of the last areas that still retains some of the town’s old charm, and says that it will lead to an exodus of many of Marbella’s longest standing residents, himself included. Thousands have signed petitions against the building on social media.

Pablo Moro, who is responsible for town planning in Marbella, dismissed the outcry “There was opposition in Paris when then they built the Eiffel Tower ” he said.

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  1. Get your backhanders now. Dont worry about licenses.
    Build half of it, claim bankrupcy, get the EU to pay for clear up…
    And if its successful, we can enjoy a new Benidorm of ugliness in the most openly crooked corner of spain.

  2. Should not be allowed. I thought Marbella had ended the madness on new buildings and the under hand deals that go on. Dont allow tall rise.