British PM David Cameron stung by jellyfish in Lanzarote

LAST UPDATED: 18 Apr, 2014 @ 12:20
British PM David Cameron stung by jellyfish in Lanzarote

BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron has been painfully stung by a jellyfish while on holiday with his family in Lanzarote.

He was spotted by other tourists on Arrieta beach running from the sea, yelping in agony and rubbing his arm.

He had taken to the sea for a dip, while holidaying with wife Samantha and their three children- Nancy, Arthur and Florence.

Witnesses on the beach reportedly heard him shouting, “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!”

A source close to the Prime Minister has claimed it was ‘a pretty minor sting’ and did not require any treatment.

The Cameron family enjoyed several sunny jellyfish-free getaways last year, including a trip to Ibiza in May, and to Portugal’s Algarve in July.

Around 1.6 million tourists visit Lanzarote each year, with a majority – of more than 800,000 – being British.

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  1. The British PM seen running screaming like a woman in front of foreigners
    What about at the Battle of Waterloo
    Lord Uxbridge at Waterloo did not go running around screaming when he lost his leg

  2. davroidman: If you’re on the dole you won’t pay council tax, so you can definitely lol. It’s been a fine Easter. You should get out more.