New Torre del Mar festival is booming success

LAST UPDATED: 22 Jul, 2014 @ 15:56
New Torre del Mar festival is booming success

A TORRE Del Mar music festival has brought in masses of revellers – and revenue.

The Weekend Beach festival took in €1-2 million from its 37,000 visitors.

Fans flocked to see drum and bass band Pendulum, techno DJ Dave Clarke, Spanish bands Los Zigarros and Los Castizos and many more acts.

The Mayor of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla has big plans for the future of the festival.

“Starting from today, Velez-Malaga Council will work towards organising the second edition of the Weekend Beach Festival to consolidate it next year and turn it into one of the best in Spain,” he said. “It’s been a great weekend of living, leisure and entertainment.”

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