Singer Isabel Pantoja told to report to prison to begin sentence

LAST UPDATED: 29 Sep, 2014 @ 14:02
Singer Isabel Pantoja told to report to prison to begin sentence

SPANISH singing sensation Isabel Pantoja has been handed a deadline of ten days to pay a hefty fine and report to prison, after being charged with money laundering last April.

The Sevilla-born singer, along with five others, must report for her jail sentence voluntarily or face being arrested and taken by force.

Pantoja was found guilty of laundering money for former lover and mayor of Marbella, Julian Munoz. She was sentenced to two years imprisonment and a €1.15 million fine.

Now that the appeals period has been exhausted, the group have been issued with the decree and a warning that six extra months will be added to their sentences if they do not comply.

Maite Zaldivar, the ex-wife Munoz, is another member of the group, with her fine set at €1.7 million.

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  1. Only in a country as daft as Spain could a person convicted with money laundering be told to appear at the prison to start their sentence. It gives the impression that the crime is totally unimportant. Hmm indeed.

  2. Well said, let’s hope they lock up here son Kiko as well who is one of the most useless people I have come across who lives off his mothers fame with zero of her talent

  3. A couple of years for a few million, worth the risk as less than 1% are caught and put in prison. The Mayors are doing fraud on a daily basis across Spain. The only message they are sending is to carry on as you are, nothing to see here ..

  4. Well, if they are going to lock up useless, talentless people, they are going to need bigger jails worldwide. What a stupid comment from Mark !