Marbella International Film Festival kicks off

LAST UPDATED: 1 Oct, 2014 @ 17:08
Marbella International Film Festival kicks off

INTERNATIONAL stars are set to descend on the Costa del Sol for the ninth annual Marbella International Film Festival.

The festival, running for five days from October 1, will showcase everything from independent shorts right through to classics such as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Santje Kramer, director of Tikotin: A Life Dedicated to Japanese Art, told the Olive Press she was ‘overjoyed’ to be nominated for an award.

“I am honoured my documentary has been selected. It’s my first time in Marbella and I am already rather jealous of the people living in such a beautiful area,” she said, adding, “I love the nature, culture, food and warm people. It’s great to find it all in one spot.”


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  1. You can see our film “Tikotin – a life devoted to Japanese Art” at the Marbella International Film Festival for free!
    The screening is on Sunday October 5th 13:00 hrs.
    See: “”