Aquittal request for paranoid schizophrenic who gouged out roomate’s eyes

LAST UPDATED: 17 Oct, 2014 @ 15:37
Aquittal request for paranoid schizophrenic who gouged out roomate’s eyes

MALAGA’S prosecution office has requested a pardon for a paranoid schizophrenic who gouged out the eyes of another patient at Malaga’s Clinical University Hospital.

The prosecution has asked that the Ecuadorian 22 year-old aggressor be acquitted on account of the attenuating circumstances of his illness.

It proposed that he spend ten years in a specialist centre.

It also requested that the Andalucia Health Service (SAS) compensate the Algerian 54 year-old victim for subsidiary civil responsibility.

The two men shared a room as all the individual ones were occupied.

The accused’s limbs were fastened but he managed free his right hand which allowed him to take off the restraints off his left hand and leg.

The prosecutor said he took advantage of the victim sleeping to cover his mouth with a pillow, gouge out his eyes and hit him in the face with a nightstand.

After that he would have returned the furniture to its original place and gone back to bed.

It will be examined whether the aggressor was being held in adequate conditions to carry out the attack on February 3 2013 considering that in other circumstances the attack would not have happened.


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