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Ahead of World Mental Health Day, Spain’s Queen Letizia speaks out on need for more talk 

SPAIN'S Queen Letizia on Wednesday called for people to talk more about mental health issues, especially those concerning young people, arguing that doing so...

New national suicide helpline in Spain saves 585 lives in four months by sending emergency response teams

THE 024 national helpline to prevent suicides in Spain has saved 585 lives through direct interventions since opening in early May. Emergency teams went to...

New national suicide prevention hotline in Spain takes nearly 15,000 calls in first month

A new national suicide prevention hotline took almost 15,000 calls in its first month of operation in Spain. The government said the '024' hotline attracted...

Pill-popping nation: Spain tops anxiety medicine use in global ranking

SPAIN consumes more medication to treat anxiety than any other country in the world.  The greatest amount of benzodiazepines, a drug used to help anxiety...

New study reveals moving to Spain could be good for your mental health

A NEW report has given surprising insight into the countries whose populations have the best mental health.  The contrast between the UK and Spain could...

Homeless man freezes to death on the streets in Spain’s Mallorca

THE body of a 63-year-old homeless man was found on a bench, covered by cardboard, in Plaza Germans Garcia Penyaranda, next to s’Escorxador de...

Soaring numbers of children treated for mental health problems in Balearic Islands

THE number of children hospitalised with mental health problems in the Balearic Islands has risen by almost 60%  during the past year, shocking new...

Costa Blanca police officers in Spain jump into freezing river to save naked man

TWO police officers went into a freezing Orihuela area river to rescue a naked man who jumped into the water. The incident happened at 1.30...

EYEWITNESS: The Olive Press sent Heather Galloway to investigate Madrid’s San Cristobal neighbourhood, where a machete-wielding homeless man was...

IT doesn’t take long to find the spot where a 44-year-old African immigrant was slain by five police bullets in broad daylight. Fittingly, on the...

Spanish singer Maria Isabel reveals she is quitting music to focus on mental health

MARIA Isabel has announced that she has quit music to focus on her mental health.  The singer who won the Eurojunior festival in 2004 announced that...

Gibraltar launches new five-year Mental Health Strategy

THE Minister for Health has announced a new Mental Health Strategy to improve the wellbeing of the country. The five-year plan has been developed in...

VIDEO: Car crashes through tables on busy terraza in Spain’s Marbella injuring at least 10 people

THE driver crashed into multiple bars and restaurants on Monday afternoon (19 June) after apparently losing control of the car. The car careened down Miguel...

Anxiety and Depression – why you shouldn’t try to solve them

By WENDY ANDERSEN Problem solving is what we do.  All of us.  Even the idiots. Our brains see things that aren’t right, and automatically begin...

Someone to turn to: Wondering about mental health options in Andalucia and Spain?

By WENDY ANDERSEN WE may have left everything behind for a life in the sun, but even Andalucia can have its  downside – especially in...

MENTAL HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH: Award-winning scientist from Spain’s Valencia discovers new protein to improve treatments

Experiments with mice revealed that those injected with OTX2 had a less anxious behaviour than ‘normal’ mice.

DIFFICULT TIMES: Depression and anxiety at all time high across Spain’s Malaga thanks to COVID-19

NO one can honestly downplay the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the social landscape across Spain. And almost all can agree the past...

Andalucian cities of Malaga and Sevilla have highest number of hypochondriacs in whole of Spain, study reveals

The number of people who are overwhelmed by the slightest pain thinking that it could lead to a serious illness has shot up, especially in times of the current health crisis.

How More Professionals can Help the Crisis in Mental Health Care

Each year, around 1 in 5 Australian adults experience problems with a mental disorder. This is a large number of people needing help with...

Eating ultra-processed Spanish chorizo, cereals and pastries increases depression risk by 33%, study warns

Those who consumed ultra-processed foods were a third more likely to suffer depression

Axarquia to host mental health conference

The event examined how we treat mental health

Depression causes one in four sick days in Spain

The condition was responsible for 24.4% of lost work days last month in the south European region, which also includes Portugal and Italy

Heat may cause mental health problems, say Madrid experts

Be on your guard for apathy, crankiness, bad moods, and even mental health problems, say scientists at the Complutense University of Madrid

Aquittal request for paranoid schizophrenic who gouged out roomate’s eyes

Prosecution has asked that the aggressor be aquitted and the victim compensated by the Andalucia Health Service

Mental health problems cause ‘shame’ for families

Anti-stigma campaigns should include relatives, says Spanish researcher





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