‘Giant vagina’ case in Malaga thrown out by judge

LAST UPDATED: 18 Dec, 2014 @ 18:27
‘Giant vagina’ case in Malaga thrown out by judge

THE judge presiding over the ‘giant vagina’ case has closed the investigation on the grounds that perpetrators cannot be identified. 

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers complained to the courts after women rights campaigners paraded a four foot statue of a vagina dressed in the shape of the Virgin Mary through Malaga.

The judged ruled that protesters had broken the law in relation to ‘religious feelings’ but closed the case as none of the offenders could be comprehensively identified.

If identified the protesters faced the prospect of a year in prison.

Article 525 of the Codigo Penal states: “Those found guilty of offending the feelings of members of a religious denomination, do publicly, orally, in writing or by any type of document, shall incur the penalty of eight to 12 months in prison.”

The procession took place on March 8 to mark International Women’s day. Protesters also carried a coffin through the streets to mark the ‘death of worker’s rights.



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  1. Spain s really going backwards under this right wing Partido Popular government but the polls show it hasn’t got long left to display its servitude to the catholic church.

    Both the banning of protests and Article 525 have no place in a modern, free society.