Canary Islands prepare for months of partying

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jan, 2015 @ 08:11
Canary Islands prepare for months of partying

FESTIVALGOERS should zero-in on the Canary Islands as they prepare to play host to multiple festivals in the upcoming couple of months.

From January 11 to February 13 the Canary Islands International Music Festival will fill 20 stages with the world’s most talented classical conductors and soloist.

This unique festival coincides with the Santa Cruz Carnival – on from January 21 till February 22 – which is considered to be the world’s second most famous carnival after the Rio Carnival.

Costumes, fireworks and dancing are most notable and on February 18 the ‘Burial of the Sardine’ sees a giant mock sardine in the middle of a parodied funeral procession to mark Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent.


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