Boat seized in search for missing girl Agnese Klavina

Police fear she may have been murdered and thrown overboard from a motorboat

LAST UPDATED: 2 Mar, 2015 @ 11:13

STILL MISSING: Agnese Klavina
STILL MISSING: Agnese Klavina

POLICE have seized a motorboat in Murcia, in their search for missing expat Agnese Klavina.

Agnese, 30, has not been seen since leaving Marbella nightclub Aqwa Mist in September.

Police now fear she may have been murdered and thrown overboard from a motorboat.

Agnese’s boyfriend Michael Millis, 38, admitted he is losing hope of finding her alive.

He said: “The longer Agnese is missing the more pessimistic we are about ever seeing her alive again.”

Two British men were arrested and quizzed over the disappearance in November.

The vessel was seized in Cartagena, around 300 miles from a mooring near Marbella where it had been based prior to Agnese’s disappearance.

DNA samples taken from the boat have been sent to a specialist lab in Madrid for further examination.

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