Radar failure at Malaga airport forces flights to be diverted to Granada and Sevilla

At least nine flights have been diverted due to radar failure so far

LAST UPDATED: 24 Apr, 2015 @ 22:04

Flight diverted to Granada
Flight diverted to Granada

TECHNICAL problems at Malaga airport have forced flights to be diverted to nearby airports in Sevilla and Granada. 

At least nine flights have been diverted due to radar failure so far.

The Twitter account Controladores Aéreos announced that the radar system in place at Malaga airport was experiencing difficulties.

Flight tracking graphs (above) show the confusion caused by the technical problems.

At this moment in time it is unknown if further flights will be affected but Aena have now announced that the problem has been resolved.




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  1. The picture doesn’t show confusion, it shows an aircraft inbound to Malaga entering the holding pattern then csrrying out a procedural (non radar) approach to land. Something all pilots and ATC controllers are trined in doing.