Anything but the vet’s

Eddie the Dog muses on the ups and downs of long, boring car journeys

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jun, 2015 @ 12:19

Eddie the hotel dogTHE master has a mug which he doesn’t know that I’ve seen.

It has a picture of a handsome dog, rather like me, on it. The dog  has his head out of a car window as it whizzes along and the caption reveals what the dog is thinking; ‘Park not Vet’s, Park not Vet’s’.

Well, obviously any dog would think that – although parks aren’t big where I live so for me it’s more like: ‘Anything but Vet’s, Anything but Vet’s’.

However, the real issue is that I never know how long a car journey is going to be because I can’t tell the time. Remembering that a dog’s year is equivalent to seven human years, we’ve been on what seem like some hellishly long journeys. A two journey for his lordship is equivalent to 14 hours for me.

But I am not totally stupid; Lead and the infamous black bags in the back of the car equals local walk. Basket, dog food, toys, lead and black bags means we are in for the long haul. I’ll jump in straight away for the local walks, for basket cases I need more persuasion.

And it does make me laugh… I am a medium-sized dog and my baskets need the whole of the back of the car – approximately twice the area allocated to a human for the same journey!

Couple that with getting them to pick up whatever I ‘leave behind’ in the old black bag – and is there any real question as to which is the more intelligent species of the two?

To get in touch with Eddie, contact his owners Andy and Pauline at the Hotel Molino del Santo. Bda Estacion s/n, 29370 Benaojan, Malaga. 952 167 151 – 952 167 927.[email protected]

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Olive Press columnist Eddie the hotel dog is ‘em-barking’ on a great career – no bones about it. He resides at the Hotel Molino del Santo in Benaojan with owners Andy and Pauline.


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