Gibraltar maritime heads dock at London International Shipping Week

Minister and Captain of the Port in British capital for sell-out conference

LAST UPDATED: 8 Sep, 2015 @ 14:14

CAPTAINS of Gibraltar’s shipping industry are hoping to enhance its global footprint following a high-profile London conference.

The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) and the Gibraltar Maritime Administration (GMA) are sponsoring events at London International Shipping Week (LISW) this week.

LONDON CALLING: Port heads at conference
LONDON CALLING: Port heads at conference

UK government officials and maritime bosses will mingle with Albert Isola, Minister for Maritime Services for Gibraltar, and Bob Sanguinetti, CEO and Captain of the Port.

Mr Sanguinetti said: “We have been working extremely hard to really understand what companies in the industry need and how Gibraltar can offer an attractive package to help them overcome any barriers.

“Events like this allow my team and me to speak to the community to ensure we remain one of the most attractive destinations.”

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