Spanish build a reputation for green-conscious property

LAST UPDATED: 9 Oct, 2015 @ 09:57

IF sharing a single computer between 60 people, shunning modern conveniences and sleeping in a teepee is your thing, head to one of Spain’s biggest ‘eco-villages’ Matavenero.

Matavenero - one of Spain’s biggest ‘eco-villages’
Matavenero – one of Spain’s biggest ‘eco-villages’

This northwestern Spanish commune was snapped by photographer Kevin Faingnaert when he immersed himself in the romantically simple settlement.

Spaniards are building a reputation for green-conscious constructions.

Just last month, the first home to produce more energy than it uses was built in the UK by a Spanish architect.

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  1. Is the Matavenero photo that accompanies this article an example of Spanish build quality? I’m sure I saw this place was on Kyero for 500K. Needs modernisation lol.