Spain’s empty homes to be filled in three years

LAST UPDATED: 15 Dec, 2015 @ 09:38

empty-houses-spainSPAIN’S surplus of new homes should be filled by 2018.

There are currently 389,000 vacant new builds across the country, but property appraisal company Tinsa say these hopes will be absorbed in the next three years.

A total of 1.56 million new homes have been built since 2008, with around 25% still unoccupied.

Almeria has the highest level of excess housing, with 38.9%, followed by Cuenca (37.1%); Castellon (36.1%); Toledo (34.7%) and Murcia (32.7%).

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  1. Get on a train and go across the country and see all of the rotting urbanisations and infrastructure that have never been used or even properly completed. What about all those?

  2. Poorly written article which says ‘Tinsa say these hopes (not homes) will be absorbed in the next 3 years’ which is without foundation so what proof have Tinsa got? The article needs more facts.

  3. There is falling unemployment and strong growth, but a lot of the jobs created are low quality – poor pay and little security. It’s unlikely that many of these workers will be in a position to buy

  4. Jasmin, I thought you were talking about UK jobs for a moment! It is just a guess really with this article, banks do not even know when rates are going up, hard to predict anything 3 years ahead.