Lisa Brown: Campaign launched to get British police involved in search

The 33-year-old has now been missing for almost four months

LAST UPDATED: 1 Mar, 2016 @ 18:48

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to get British police involved in the search for expat mum Lisa Brown. 

Missing: Lisa Brown, 32
Missing: Lisa Brown, 33

The 33-year-old has now been missing for almost four months, having disappeared from her home near Sotogrande the day before she was due to start a new job in Gibraltar.

Her family are friends are distraught that no progress has been made by the Guardia Civil, while Lisa’s son Marco, eight, continues to live with his father in La Linea.

Now a petition has been lodged on the UK government’s website calling for the British police to take action in the case.

The Facebook group of over 25,000 supporters is demanding that more pressure is put on the Spanish government to allow the UK police to step in.

“The investigation is very limited… and we want to allow the British police to intervene and move this case forward urgently,” the petition reads.

It comes after UK Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to investigate the case, after it was raised in Parliament by Martin Docherty, Scottish National Party MP for Dunbartonshire West.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s boyfriend, Simon Corner, has still not been seen since he returned to Spain vowing to clear his name, but subsequently missed his meeting with police in Algeciras.

The petition can be found here:


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  1. Wonder how it would go down, should the Spanish police (complete with sidearms!) go mooching round London or Manchester, searching for a missing Spanish national because the British police weren’t up to the job?
    A trifle insulted perhaps?

  2. All that matters is that this story is shared, awareness is raised and this family receive help, there is a 8 year old child who is missing hos mum, someone out there must know something, I’ve shared on all social. Networking sites, if she was your sister, mother , niece you would hope the public would help