Anti-tax fraud officers investigate meat trade worth €650 million

Officers investigate 73 businesses in 15 Spanish regions

LAST UPDATED: 6 Mar, 2016 @ 18:29

SPAIN’S anti-tax fraud authorities are investigating the use of ‘black money’ in the meat trade.

More than 45 officers in 15 Spanish regions are probing 73 businesses with a global turnover of €650 million.

FRAUD?: Meat wholsalers hit in tax crackdown
FRAUD?: Meat wholsalers hit in tax crackdown

Businesses at the major Madrid and Barcelona markets, Mercamadrid and Mercabarna, are among those being investigated.

During searches of the businesses’ premises, agents removed thousands of euros and software often used to run parallel accounts to hide the use and movement of black money.

An agency spokesperson said: “In the meat sector, public sales raise four of five times the wholesale price which implies significant financial benefits from the slaughter, cutting and processing of meat.”


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