Botched restoration job on Cadiz castle angers historians

“They called the builders instead of the restorers.”

LAST UPDATED: 14 Mar, 2016 @ 22:16

A RESTORATION disaster is unfolding in Cadiz after a 9th century castle was ‘extended’ by builders.

cadiz castle

Historians and locals are outraged with ‘repairs’ done on national monument, El Castillo de Matrera.

“They called the builders instead of the restorers,” said one local, “and they’ve wrecked it.”


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  1. Appalling desecration. I remember visiting the ruined castle of the Moors in Almeria in 68 and speaking to the gardener who was watering the hydrangea ‘trees’. Very nostalgic and I had the whole edifice to myself. It was possible to slip back in time.

    Returning in 2002 I was very impressed with the restoration, it was sympathetic but this time I did’nt have it to myself, those damn tourists.