THE murder trial of Amy Fitzpatrick’s stepfather David Mahon has heard he didn’t have a good relationship with his stepson Dean Fitzpatrick.

Mahon denies stabbing Dean Fitzpatrick to death in Mahon’s Dublin flat in 2013.

'GUTTED': Mahon accused of murder
‘GUTTED’: Mahon accused of murder

Amy went missing from Riviera del Sol, near Calahonda on New Years Day 2008.

The jury heard that the 45-year-old Mahon ‘panicked’ after the 2013 incident, when Mahon claims Dean Fitzpatrick ran onto the knife.

Jurors heard that Mahon claimed Dean Fitzpatrick pulled a knife on him first and started waving it at him.

Mahon later threw the knife out of a car window while driving around north Dublin.

He told Irish police that Dean Fitzpatrick used to self-harm in Spain and perhaps wanted to run onto the knife.

The court has now heard all of the prosecution’s evidence.