Details emerge of Bolivian mother killed in Marbella hit-and-run

The Bolivian immigrant has left behind three children

LAST UPDATED: 11 May, 2016 @ 21:00

bolivia mother
FAMILY: Carlos with sister Fatima. Photo Copyright Olive Press

DETAILS of the Bolivian mother killed in a hit-and-run in San Pedro have emerged.

Mother-of-three Fatima Dorado Para, 40, was killed after two British expats hit her with their black Bentley.

Fatima lived in Marbella with her construction worker husband and child, who is just 12-months-old.

Her two elder children, eight and 13, live back in Bolivia with their grandparents.

She was walking home from her job at a nearby restaurant when she was struck at a zebra crossing.

Her brother Carlos Dorado has since uploaded a picture of the pair on Facebook, with family and friends offering their condolences.

The criminal pair responsible – Westley Capper and Craig Porter, who were already charged with the disappearance of Luthuanian Agnese Klavina in  2014 – fled the scene and shockingly went for a curry.

Fatima was left slain on the floor as crowds from nearby restaurants rushed to her aid and called emergency services.

She later died from cardiac arrest at the hospital.


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