Spain’s politicians talk Brexit in final day of campaigning before election

Spain will go to the polls on June 26

LAST UPDATED: 25 Jun, 2016 @ 10:38

podemos riveraTHE leaders of Spain’s main political parties addressed concerns over Brexit in their final day of campaigning ahead of the general election on Sunday.

The Popular Party, lead by acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, tried to reassure Spaniards of the stability of their country’s financial system

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He told supporters in Madrid: “I think I represent the feelings of the vast majority of Spaniards when I defend Spain’s commitment to the European integration process, the importance of euro zone stability and continuing the reform of our economic and monetary union.”

Leader of the far left Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, demanded policy changes in the bloc, citing Brexit as a wake up call.

Pablo Iglesias
Pablo Iglesias

He told a rally in Madrid: “Nobody would want to leave a Europe of fairness and solidarity.”

In Seville, the Socialist Party’s Pedro Sanchez urged Spain to ‘reflect on some people’s irresponsible behaviour of offering binary yes-no solutions to complex problems’, seemingly suggesting the referendum was too complex to be put down to a yes or no vote.

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Albert Rivera

Ciudadanos and its leader Albert Rivera labelled Brexit as “an opportunity to relaunch the common European project”.

While Spain want to remain in the EU, recent polls suggest France and others now want their own referendum on EU membership.

The UK voted to leave to EU on June 23 with a 52% majority.

Spain’s general election is on Sunday June 26.


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