Benavista Bowls Club raises hundreds for Fatima Fund

The club organised a bowling competition and barbeque

LAST UPDATED: 28 Jun, 2016 @ 12:16

Bowling BenefitCHARITABLE and sympathetic members of the Benavista Bowls Club raised money for the widow and child of Fatima Dorado.

The club organised a bowling competition and barbeque that followed.

Hughie Holgate, head of the club, donated the competition’s prizes and rink fees, as well as a portion of the costs for the barbeque.

The bowlers donated all proceeds, totalling €550, to the Fatima Fund.

The fund, set up by the Olive Press, supports Fatima’s widow, Tomas Ramirez, and their daughter in this harrowingly difficult time of their lives.

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