More than 100 migrants rescued off southern Spain’s coast in one day

Some 56 of the migrants were transported to Malaga

LAST UPDATED: 10 Oct, 2016 @ 17:48

The migrants being rescued

MORE than 100 migrants were rescued off the coast of southern Spain on Saturday after attempting to cross from Africa on a rickety boat.

At least 104 people, including children, were saved by Spain’s maritime rescue services after the boat was spotted by a fishing ship northeast of Spanish island Alboran.

Some 56 of the migrants, all from Sub-Saharan Africa, were transported to Malaga while the rest were taken to Motril and Cartagena.

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  1. To take a wobbly rubber boat under tow, would certainly lead to it being swamped, following which, deaths would occur, mostly among the children who would be least able to help themselves.
    Hysterical over-reaction is no answer to this ongoing problem. The humanitarian option was taken in this case and Spain, for once, is to be praised for it’s actions.
    If, after proper scrutiny, any or all of these human beings are found to have no rights as refugees, that’s when expulsion will take place.

  2. Jack Daww, after Donald Trump has been elected as POTUS, will you then “tow them back” if refugees from the US will arrive at the British coast? If you do not do so, you might be called a racist.

      • I don´t think that Trump will be so bad for the common people. A opossite thing that for the 1% of the USA population.

        Trump promises to reject the globalization that have brought so many misery to the worker class of USA and now is threating to do the same with the middle classes.

        She is accused of to be corrupt murderous and criminal. Evidently she is bad person.

        He is clearly an impolite man, whose conduct is proper of an habitant of a shanty town.

        ……God help us !

        • Trump says whatever to get the deal, in this caee the ego gratification of winning the top position. He would unfund social programs ordinary people need. He is a foul mouthed sociopathic corporatist with nothing to offer anyone save himself and like-minded amoral personality disordered millionaires.