Mike Knight

A BRITISH holidaymaker is in critical condition in Spain after suffering a heart attack following a sea rescue.

Mike Knight, 49, from Manchester in the UK, had to be rescued by lifeguards after he got into difficulties while swimming off the coast of Magaluf.

Mike, who is on his first holiday abroad, had a heart attack after he was pulled to shore on the holiday island of Mallorca.

The father-of-seven was rushed to Inca Hospital where he is now breathing through a tracheostomy and has pneumonia.

Doctors are also concerned he may have suffered some brain damage.

Brother Chris Knight, 57, said the holiday had been a present for Mike’s 50th.

“It was something he had been looking forward to,” he said, “He had always wanted to go abroad and had never flown before.

“He was loving the holiday and was telling me that it was red hot. He was in his element.”

He added: “Whatever happens, he will never be the same again. It’s heartbreaking.”

The family are now in a row with Mike’s insurance company, who are refusing to pay out because he had alcohol in his system.

They have started an urgent appeal on Just Giving in a bid to raise €14,000 to take him home.

Visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/vickyknight-102 to make a donation.

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  1. Yes, this is a tragedy for this man and family. It also underscores the tremendous human and monetary costs related to alcohol consumption judgement. And why Spanish immigration require medical insurance, including medical evacuation insurance coverage to obrain residency visas.

  2. “Alcohol in his system” doesn’t necessarily equate to drunkenness. But what a neat get-out for the insurance company. It is becoming an increasing feature in failed claims
    There will be those who dismiss this tragedy, with a “serves him right” attitude. But a man on his first trip abroad, celebrating his fiftieth birthday, is entitled to have a couple of beers. But that, seemingly, entitles “insurance” companies to leave someone swinging in the wind.

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