BREAKING: Owner of Marbella brothel where woman drowned in basement detained by police

He denies that the woman was being held against her will

LAST UPDATED: 6 Dec, 2016 @ 19:27

Emergency services outside the Club California in Cancelada, Estepona, where a woman's body was found
Emergency services outside the Club California

THE owner of a Marbella brothel where a woman drowned after becoming trapped in the basement has been detained by police.

The man, who owns two other clubs in Marbella, is being held while the death of the 26-year-old Romanian is being investigated.

It comes after reports claim the young woman was locked in the basement of California Club while flash floods were ravaging the Costa del Sol.

The room filled with water and she was unable to escape, she called emergency services but they were unable to reach her in time.

The owner has denied that she was working as a hostess without papers. He claims ‘she was on the premises because she was a friend of another of the women who worked there’ and that ‘in here no one is held against her will.’

It remains unclear as to why the woman was at the club on Sunday morning, but unconfirmed reports suggest she was residing there while searching for an apartment.

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  1. This shows the reality of business operations behind the scenes. Dodgy enterprises as part of a human trafficking operation, laundering money, ruining lives