Costa del Sol flood damage total rises to at least €50 million

The huge preliminary figure only covers coastal towns such as Marbella, Estepona, Manilva and Casares, with the final Malaga province total expected to sky rocket

LAST UPDATED: 9 Dec, 2016 @ 13:01

image1-6DEVASTATING floods have caused at least €50 million damage to the Costa del Sol, according to latest figures.

The huge preliminary figure only covers coastal towns such as Marbella, Estepona, Manilva and Casares, with the final Malaga province total expected to sky rocket.

Council workers made the estimate after making their first visits to the areas wrecked by the raging waters, which claimed two lives and left hundreds homeless.

But they have not yet revealed the estimate for the worst hit areas, such as Cartama and Coin.

A submerged bus in Malaga
A submerged bus in Malaga

€27 million alone is needed to make repairs in Estepona, where a 26-year-old prostitute tragically drowned due to being trapped in a basement.

It will take €6 million to repair Marbella’s Paseo Maritimo, with  another €6.7 million to be spent in Manilva and €500,000 in Casares.

A further €4 million of damage was caused to Malaga’s city streets.

Work has started there to improve the drainage system, following criticism over its quality by some residents.

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  1. Incredible how such large numbers can be calculated so quickly by Spanish councils. The first sniff of serious cash, and the backhanders begin.

  2. Never worked with a Loss Adjuster then James? When your job is to quickly and efficiently estimate the cost of repairing damage it can seem slightly less suspicious as you suspect.

    • Yes that is what loss adjusters do but the shock is about assessing the amount of damage so quickly. That takes a while clever clogs. The damage wouldn’t even have been reported yet.

  3. Aches Head, Yes, but working within the industry for 30 years provides me with a level of experience in initial, high level damage assessments. They aren’t perfect but as a (stated) preliminary figure and give or take a €1m here or there give a feeling of the initial damage assessment.

    Anything else I can help you with?

  4. Not my area of expertise that, I’m afraid. However, I do feel we need some “experts” though, but they seem a bit thin on the ground atm.