Spaniards launch campaign to reclaim property snatched in Cuba

LAST UPDATED: 22 Dec, 2016 @ 07:35

HUNDREDS of Spanish families have launched a campaign to reclaim Cuban property snatched by Castro.

cuba1At least 260 are currently being represented by 1898 Company, an organisation founded to help Spaniards whose homes and land were expropriated after the communist revolution.

Jordi Cabarrocas, 1898 founder believes they are owed an estimated 2.34 million and is now helping them collect evidence to strengthen their claims.

He also wants to persuade 400 other families he believes were also deprived of their property to join the campaign.

The foundation insisted the families involved are more concerned about ‘gaining justice’  rather than financial gain.

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  1. “Snatched by Castro” And who did these families snatch the properties from?
    The vultures are circling, the Mafia will be claiming for their lost casinos and brothels next.

  2. How come this Cabarrocas guy of the 1898 founder is not fighting the cause of the thousands of ex pats over their property rights in his own country first. It’s a laugh really.