WATCH: Nail-biting moment speeding driver narrowly misses Guardia Civil car at petrol station in Alicante

The driver swerved into the station to avoid a collision with another car

LAST UPDATED: 6 Mar, 2017 @ 13:14

THIS is the nerve-wracking moment a driver recklessly sped through an Alicante petrol station just missing a police car.

The incident, during which a Guardia Civil officer stopped to fill up at a station in Monovar, was caught on CCTV at 11.30am on Saturday.

The officer was talking to the station employee when the red car swerved manically into the Repsol petrol station in an effort to avoid hitting another car.

The driver was able to turn away from the pillar at just the right moment so as to prevent causing any major damage.



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  1. In fairness to the driver of the red vehicle, it looked as though the driver of the silver car coming the opposite way was going to cut right across his path (was the silver car attempting to cross a solid line?). In the same circumstances I might have done the same i.e. swerved to avoid him although I would like to think I wouldn’t be going quite as fast.