WATCH: Hilarious moment pigeon smashes into man’s face on Europe’s fastest rollercoaster in Spain

One of the first to test the Red Force ride, the man received an unwelcome surprise while racing along the tracks at 180 km per hour

LAST UPDATED: 11 Apr, 2017 @ 10:37

A thrillseeker was left gobsmacked after a gory collision with a pigeon on Europe’s fastest rollercoaster.

The man was struck in the face on the face by the bird on the opening day of Ferrari Land, PortAventura, last week.

It then became stuck underneath his chin, and the distressed rider had to pull it off.

This was while the rollercoaster, Red Force ride, was soaring through the air at 180 km per hour.

The man was left with specks of blood on his face and feathers in his mouth.

As the ride ended he shouted to passengers behind him “I was hit in the face by a pigeon!”

It’s not yet known whether the pigeon survived.



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