WATCH: Hilarious moment British woman gets stuck in inflatable flamingo in Spain

Her daughter can be heard laughing hysterically

LAST UPDATED: 22 Jun, 2017 @ 14:59

THIS is the hilarious moment a British holidaymaker got stuck in her inflatable flamingo in Spain. 

The sun-seeker can be seen struggling to get into its seat as her daughter can be heard laughing hysterically while filming.

After finally landing in the inflatable in the very shallow Ibiza waters, she soon finds herself stuck and unable to move anything else but her arms.

As she flaps her arms trying to get out of the pink inflatable, a lifeguard has to come to her rescue.

(Video courtesy of Viral Hog)


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  1. Would be cruel to make fun of an elderly person if truly in distress, but this woman is clearly playing along being the first laughing at herself:) I will do the same for my grand kids! With a big yellow donut!So funny!:))