Pioneering laws for Andalucia restaurants as region wages war on obesity

LAST UPDATED: 10 Jan, 2018 @ 17:52

NEW laws have come into effect this week in a bid to tackle Andalucia’s growing obesity problem. 

The region, with 16.6% of adults and almost a quarter of minors being obese, is the second-fattest in the country.

Bars and restaurants will have to offer drinking water free of charge to anyone who requests it, as well as different portion sizes.

Meanwhile, supermarkets have to offer fresh produce in a range of packaging sizes.

The law also asks schools to add five hours of sport a week into the curriculum, and launch initiatives to distribute fresh fruit and vegetables.

School shops and cafeterias will be banned from selling drinks and snacks which contain over 200 calories.


Free drinking water will also be placed next to vending machines selling high-calorie soft drinks, while publicity of products with exceptionally high calorific values will also be limited.


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