FEMINISTS are demanding the removal of a bronze statue of Woody Allen in Oviedo.

This is in response to allegations that Allen molested his daughter, Dylan Farrow when she was seven-years-old in a Connecticut attic in 1992.  

The Asturias Feminist Organisation says the life-size sculpture must go because it serves ‘to honour an abuser and pervert’.

His daughter Dylan outlined these allegations in a 2014 letter published in the New York Times where she detailed the alleged abuse that Allen ‘touched my labia and my vulva with his fingers…whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret’.

Something Allen denies, claiming his ex-wife Mia ‘cynically’ coached their adopted daughter to level the charges to ensure a messy divorce.  

Allen has frequently used Oviedo as a location for his movies, most notably, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, describing it as ‘clean, lovely, tranquil and pedestrianised’.

Oviedo town hall say they will consider the demands at an upcoming meeting.