Thursday, 18 January, 2018

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January figures for holiday bookings this summer are up by 27%

SPAIN is set to outpace the world's leading advanced economies in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The agency upgraded its outlook for...

84.7% of firms confirming their sales improved last year

Football clubs Racing Santander, Recreativo de Huelva, Jerez, Murcia, Albacete and Alicante are also named for owing the tax man more than €1 million

Prosecuting lawyer Rosa Guirado has described this case as ‘even more damning’ than the Volkswagen emissions fraud

Golden hour for Indetex boss

There are 1,390 Spaniards with more than €43 million to their name

Over €6 billion was pumped into the Spanish economy via LGBT tourism in the past 12 months

September 4 will be the first of four 24-hour strikes by train workers’ union SEMFE

Two speed cameras claimed €4 million in fines in less than a year

Unemployment is falling, GDP is rising and forecasts are optimistic

Without Tunisia as an option, even more Brits vacation in Spain

Spain lags behind Europe in plastic and e-transactions

However, both Netflix and Spotify are still more expensive in the UK than Spain

Using a loophole in the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ the Spanish entrepreneur is taking the trading website to court

A recent study found that Spaniards pay lower tax on their beers, whiskeys and wines than anywhere else in Europe

In April alone, 2.85 million Brits descended on Spain via low cost airlines

Investment in Spanish property shot up from €4.9 billion in 2013 to a massive €17.8 billion last year

Hotels and guesthouses across the region recorded almost 7.1 million overnight stays in the first quarter of 2015

Spaniards must provide a copy of their DNI national identity card, while foreign residents must either provide their residency card or passport by April 30

Backed by La Caíxa it is aimed at expats and foreign clients


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