Saturday, October 20, 2018

Spain and Colombia battle over sunken galleon treasure

San Jose booty could be worth billions as governments fight over ownership

Sheikh fails to present La Bajadilla port plans in Marbella

Marbella’s port authority (APPA) are now looking for new investors

Spanish mobile phone clients hang up

Spaniards ditching phone contracts as thr financial crisis continues to bite

Slow recovery for Marbella’s hotels

Marbella's hotels begin to fill up again after a worst year in living memory

Scientists create computer model to predict corruption in Spanish provinces

Interestingly, other risk factors for shady shenanigans include real estate tax, a housing price increase, bank openings and the creation of new companies, according to the study.

Free unlimited WiFi set for all Spain’s airports

AENA will also be quadrupling the current speed of the internet service available to passengers

Spain smashes record for tourist spending

The first six months of 2015 saw a huge windfall for Spain’s tourism industry

Uber makes a comeback in Spain as UberX

Second chance for Uber

Gibraltar’s Europa Point to become training pitches if Lathbury Barracks stadium gets green light

The Save Europa Point group has welcomed the government´s decision to abandon a planned stadium at the southern tip of Gibraltar

Spanish startup launches first rocket test flight off coast

Spanish satellite startup Zero 2 Infinity has launched its first test and plans to send small satellites into orbit

General Motors on trial in Cadiz for causing bankruptcy of local dealership and loss of 150 jobs

Eight years ago, the American company suddenly closed every single Opel factory in Andalucia

The pain in Spain is set to remain

Jobs woe set to continue

Spain’s ten poorest towns all in the south, says new report

Spain's geographical wealth divide is starkly illustrated in a new report

Jack Daly claims excel currencies are future of money transfers

Excel currencies will let you know exactly how much they make with every money transfer.

Tens of thousands to descend on Malaga for gaming convention

It will be held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos

China invested €1.7 billion in Spain last year alone

This included the €200 million purchase of RCD Espanyol

Toyota recalls 12,000 faulty hybrid cars in Spain

Toyota stated that the malfunction could cause overheating of transmitters

The Impact of Brexit On the Euro

In Europe, the issue of Brexit has been a source of drama and uncertainty for almost a year now

Meet Padre Peter: No ordinary priest and famous for his weddings across Spain

The charismatic 72-year-old cleric originally from London officiates over weddings for people of all faiths, or none, across Spain

The Finance Bureau move to Guadalmina

New kids on the block

Controversial new bus routes from Palma airport get underway

Taxi drivers feel their business is being undercut by the cheaper prices

Spanish masterchef Ferran Adria launches new beer with brother

Malquerida, a dark red brew, is designed to compliment Latino cuisine

Spanish translators complete essential work in Rothschild investigation

EXCLUSIVE: The Denia Court has now received translations from the Benidorm Translation Services Offices and ordered a letter rogatory to be sent to the investigating judge in Paris

Spain’s minimum wage set to rise so long as current economic growth is sustained

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy reached an agreement with trade unions to raise the minimum wage by 28.4 euros more a month in 2018, which means by 2019 it will rise to 773 euros a month and 850 euros by 2020.


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