Tuesday, 23 May, 2017

Business & Finance

After a seven-year legal wrangle, a judge has sided with the buyers and ordered property company Monte Athos to pay up €240,000

Rajoy announces his first set of measures to address a predicted eight per cent budget deficit for 2011

If you choose to fly, one way to eradicate the stress of airport transfers altogether is to take an Airport taxi

Hedge fund philanthropist becomes second high profile investor in Spanish company in less than three months

The prime minister said she wants to guarantee the status of 1.2 million Brits living in the EU and 3.2 million EU citizens in the UK

Ghost airport sells for 100,000 times less than it cost to build

Uber operates in 66 countries world wide

Línea Directas legal assistance service comes as standard in all their insurance policies

Thousands of expats are now receiving a perfect view of Eastenders and Coronation Street by connecting their TVs to 4G

The company recorded net profits of €1.17bn between February and July, up 26% on the same period last year

Spanish shopping spree for British retail giant

Prices of petrol and unleaded have gone down 6% and 13.5% respectively since last year

Marbella is leading the way in the Costa del Sol’s financial recovery, according to Mayor Angeles Munoz

Ana Patricia Botin, the new boss of the bank - voted the worst in Britain - last month vowed to get to the ‘root causes’ of the bank’s woeful record

A web entrepreneur from Brighton has proved a hit in Ronda

Shoppers may soon be able to leave their wallets and credit cards at home

The British public go to the polls on June 23

t is expected to be open year-round from summer 2019

Not one of the eight provincial cities has an approved spending plan

The group has been enjoying the sites of Madrid

The strong results were not exclusive to the usual coastal hotspots as cities and rural enclaves also saw a soar in visitors

Phone provider Vodafone and technology giant IBM will see the Andalucian capital transformed

The state-owned bank are giving the investors three months to claim back their original investment plus 1% interest

Spain’s under 25s say they do not notice a gender pay gap; but more than half over those over 26 believe inequality still exists

Cars are no longer the ultimate key to freedom for Spain’s young adults

WHEN he first arrived on the slopes at the age of ten it took well over an hour to get there from Granada and...


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