Thursday, June 21, 2018

Spain to finally have new government as Mariano Rajoy expected to win confidence vote tomorrow

The embattled PSOE have said they will abstain from tomorrow's vote

Shady Panamanian lawyer presents himself in Ukraine as “Honorary Consul” of River-Hutt Principality

Shady Panamanian lawyer presents himself in Ukraine as “Honorary Consul” of River-Hutt Principality, trademarks the word “Multicook”

British prime minister David Cameron leaves all-night EU negotiations without deal

Tory leader keeping quiet after Brussels summit with further talks today

Malia Obama lands internship at US Embassy in Spain

The First Daughter speaks fluent Spanish

Spain’s finance minister fails to impress MEPs for European Central Bank role

The candidates were grilled on their approaches to monetary policy, with some MEPs expressing 'reservations for minister De Guindos's appointment', said Roberto Gualtieri, the committee’s chairman. 

Junta de Andalucia’s university chief sacked in ERE scandal latest

Francisco Triguero is the latest high-profile casualty in the ERE case

Mariano Rajoy to attend China G20 summit

This year’s theme is ‘Towards an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy’

Gibraltar government ‘concerned’ over Russia’s unofficial Mediterranean navy base

It emerged that leader Vladimir Putin’s vessels are stopping off at least 10 times a year at the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta

Toe-tal nightmare! New mayor of Spanish town Jerez has a footwear disaster as she gives inaugural speech

The PSOE's Sanchez was invested as mayor after agreeing a pact with Ganemos Jerez and Izquierda Unida

Spain issues arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister

A Supreme Court judge said he would reopen a case against Benjamin Netanyahu should he set foot in Spain

Former Gibraltar opposition leader blasts Rifaat al-Assad deal as ‘unethical’

Independent MP Marlene Hassan Nahon insisted the government needed to explain the deal

PSOE Junta boss Susana Diaz: ‘I am going to govern alone’

Despite not taking a majority, Diaz has ruled out the possibility of a coalition government in Andalucia

Andalucia’s chance for a bright new dawn

Andalucia needs change, in any shape or form

SPAIN: Gibraltar heading for abrupt single market exit, British ‘consistently misinterpret’ our Brexit position

A SPANISH source close to the Brexit negotiations has said Gibraltar is heading towards and abrupt exit from the single market. According to the senior...

High court denies San Pedro independence bid from Marbella

It was ruled that Marbella and San Pedro are too close together for separation to be an option

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Podemos strike stunning blow to win 69 seats

PP win election with PSOE second, but Pablo Iglesias's party set to play kingmaker role as Ciudadanos slump to fourth

Donald Trump promises to visit Spain during visit by King Felipe and Queen Letizia

DONALD Trump has vowed to visit Spain in the near future.  It comes after the US president met with King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia...

PP wins Spanish general election but no party gains overall majority again

PSOE defy exit poll to beat Unidos Podemos into second place as left takes a hit

Mariano Rajoy gives seal of approval to Paris climate change agreement

PP leader salutes global deal to limite greenhouse emissions

British expats are not registering on the padron and Costa del Sol towns are worried

COSTA del Sol towns popular with British expats are concerned at the rising number of unregistered residents.  It comes after new figures revealed at least...

NO MORE bar licences and music crackdown for more than 100 Malaga streets

MALAGA will not grant any more licences for bars and will crackdown on music-playing hours. More than 100 streets will be affected by the new...

One of Franco’s last surviving ministers buried in Andalucia

Jose Utrera Molina has been buried in Nerja, where he lived.

Devolved administrations won’t play decisive roled in Brexit, says Theresa May

'Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK Government', says PM


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