Friday, 20 October, 2017

Tag: farmers

Farmers have descended on Barcelona in their tractors to park them in front of polling stations ahead of Sunday's vote.

Officials warned that an official drought decree is likely to be called in the Axarquia area

Murcia has seen a three-year period of little or no rainfall, with the recent storms hardly touching the region.

The Junta are now considering constructing dams

The national farmers union says they will do all they can to defend their stock

Officials suspect underhand tactics from farmers are to blame for fires

A Barcelona volunteer group is picking reject fruit and vegetables to help feed hungry Catalans

Up to €30 million has been lost to infected courgette crops

Walkers and hikers in Ronda are campaigning for access to a footpath between Montejaque and Grazalema

Shepherds from across Spain descend on the capital accompanied by their wooly friends

EU sanctions are putting the squeeze on suppliers

Olive harvest could fall by 40% from last year

The French accused Spanish growers of 'dumping' low-cost fruits in their stores

More than 300 people protested in Almunecar in support of local farmers affected by a hailstorm in August

A new law is being drafted to give cash to farmers whose animals are being killed by the wolves that have returned to Madrid

Over 300 avocado trees have been stolen in the past month

Ronda farmers had the wool pulled over their eyes by a Granada conman


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