Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Tag: fraud

It is believed that defunct Luxembourg-based Landsbanki Bank had lent a staggering 100 million euros in Spain to reduce death duties that thankfully will be difficult to recoup.

Last year, Malaga recorded around 22,500 attempts at insurance fraud

The fraud is linked to pension funds and is often aimed at expat investors in Europe

Marco Molinari and convicted fraudster Natasha Marie Lambert, 24, fled to Italy from their La Linea home they had ‘illegally’ sublet this month, leaving a string of accusations in their wake

Firtash is thought to have served as a leader of a money laundering ring in Catalonia

Former Marbella head Julian Munoz was convicted for fraudulently helping to subvert 6.7m of public funds by a Malaga judge, who believes he is too ill to serve his term in prison

Palmer was due to stand trial for property fraud in Spain at the time of his death

The prosecution has requested the prison sentence for former Marbella chief Julián Muñoz and his planning advisor Juan Antonio Roca, who are both due in court again from January 30

Manuel Rodríguez de Castro, a high ranking ex Partido Popular official in José María Aznar’s government, has been incarcerated in a Madrid prison

An Olive Press investigation has found traces of most wanted fraudster Mark Acklom in Murcia

The Olive Press feels vindicated, after warning our readers of this twice-struck-off professional lurking in our midst

Junta head faces grilling after being ‘implicated’ in fake training scheme fraud

The average traveller falling foul of fraudsters on the web was conned out of €3,795

UPDATE: Charges include trafficking, cruelty and fraud

Sad that a war hero’s legacy has been tainted by his dishonesty

Chavez and Grinan to be grilled over their links to corruption

Brazilian forward summoned to appear in fraud trial over transfer irregularities

Swathes of photographers and protesters met the Royal and her husband when they arrived at the Mallorca court today

Goldman, AKA Howard del Monte, must wear an electronic tag, loses his passport and cannot go out after 8pm in strict sentence

The 82-year-old world-renowned soprano has been handed a six-month suspended jail sentence after admitting to fraud

Convicted fraudster could serve time in UK and Spain

The Costa del Sol conman fled Spain to escape his victims here two years ago

The larger-than-life Costa del Sol character has been charged with three counts of fraud regarding rare gold coins advertised on eBay

Ex-teacher's bid to clear her name after money-laundering fraud mix-up

If found guilty Cristina faces up to four years in prison, while her husband could be put away for as long as 19 years

The Marbella-based group of seven ran a complex scam pretending to be intermediaries for property sales




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