A tipple of Spanish wine may not be so beneficial for our health according to UK scientists

WINE from France and Italy is better for our heart than those from Spain, according to a new study.

UK researchers found wines from Sardinia in Italy and south-west France contain higher levels of the heart protecting chemical procyanidin than wines from other parts of the world.

The team, led by Professor Roger Corder of Queen Mary, University of London, wanted to establish if wines from certain regions were especially rich in the chemical.

Reds from the Nuoro province in Sardinia and the Gers region in south-west France were found to have between two and four times the amount of procyanidin than wines from Spain, Australia, South America and the United States.

Professor Corder believes the length of time grapes ferment increases the level of the chemical. “Grapes have a three to four week fermentation period. This allows for full extraction of procyanidin from the skin and seed.

“However, modern wines are only fermented for a week, resulting in little or no levels of the chemical,” he said.

He added the grape used was an important factor with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbelio varieties producing procyandin-rich wines.

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