3 Dec, 2008 @ 17:07
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Lawyer ticked off for racial slur


A PUBLIC prosecutor has got off with calling a Nigerian woman “smelly” in court.

Eduardo Peña, a prosecutor in La Rioja, asked court workers to “open the windows because the black woman smells bad” as the Nigerian woman went on trial.

The unfortunate woman had spent two days locked in a police cell and had been unable to wash in that time.

The woman did not hear the comment, but her lawyer did and decided to file a complaint to Rioja’s chief prosecutor Juan Calparsoro.

Describing the prosecutor’s comments as “inconsiderate,” Calparsoro argued that they did not warrant being classed as anything more than a minor lapse of judgement.

Peña has been issued with a warning, but will not receive a fine or suspension.


  1. picture this happening in england,,,,senor pena would be hanged,drawn and quartered, his house burnt to the ground, his fields salted,his cattle destroyed,his family sold into slavery, you know the rest,,,on this issue i think spain has gotten it right,well done lads.

  2. Unfortunately this sickening behaviour is all too common in courts around the world.

    In u.s. courts it has been noted that a specific judge enjoys putting a ‘smiley face’ on the paperwork of any person he sentences to death.

    Supreme court accpets this behaviour… presumable since the target is gonig to die, it doesnt matter if he is verbally abused and he must certainly deserve it since he committed some crimes.

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