26 Jan, 2009 @ 14:48
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Atheist bus campaign comes to Spain


THE posting of advertising on buses in Barcelona questioning the existence of God has been called an “attack on all religions.”

The Catalan city has become the first in Spain to copy a similar campaign in the United Kingdom.

Using a direct translation of the slogan adopted in Great Britain, the ads read: “Probablemente Dios no existe. Deja de preocuparte y goza la vida” (There is probably no God. Stop worrying and enjoy life).

Similar campaigns are now earmarked for buses in Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla.

“It is time for non-believers to make themselves seen and display their pride in their own convictions,” said a spokesman for the Catalan Atheists group, who added that 20 per cent of Spain’s population profess no belief in a higher entity.

The campaign has been criticised by the Catholic archbishopric of Barcelona. “Faith in God is not a source of worry, nor is it an obstacle for enjoying life,” it said in a statement.

“This is an attack on all religions,” said a spokesman for Spain’s Catholic Church.

The original campaign began in London last year before spreading to other UK cities.

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  1. Now if anyone had wanted to die by execution they should have launched this campaign in the time of the sub-human Franquistas.

    Then they would have had an ugly bugger (literally) of the Catholic mafia on hand to bless the murderous work of the Fascist killers.

    A few years ago I caught sight of the fat little turd/oh sorry bishop of Guadix. I tried to ask why if the feast of San Anton was for animals why he did’nt prohibit the use of the huge bangers they are obsessed with here as they terrify all the animals.

    He started to walk away without answering me so I grabbed him by the collar and made the sign of the evil eye. I told him I was Druid and that a Druid’s curse can never be lifted.

    You should have seen the speed with which he ran away on his fat little legs. Why are nearly all these priests of darkness so fat and little – is this why they become priests in the first place, otherwise people may step on them like stepping on a bug. BTW I don’t step on bugs, they are not evil but part of the wonderful rapidly depleting panoply of life on this once beautiful planet.

    What these mentally pathetic religious freaks can never answer is – if their sky pixie is everywhere, which is what they all claim, why, when I start to dissect their stupid lies and brainwashing they don’t call down their own particular brand of sky pixie to strike me dead, it’s never happened and if anyone wants to place bets with me on this I am more than happy to take their money – well it’s a no-brainer is’nt it.

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