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You’ll Novelli guess who’s moving in


Jean Christophe Novelli is house hunting in Ronda

Famed TV chef opens new restaurant on the Costa del Sol and goes house hunting in Ronda


CELEBRITY chef Jean Christophe Novelli is house hunting in Ronda.

The former Hell’s Kitchen star, who has appeared in dozens of British TV programmes, is looking for a historic town house in the old part of town.

Novelli, 45, wants to buy one of the ancient townhouses that looks over the gorge.

“I want to buy something with a view of the famous bridge,” he told the Olive Press. “I want to wake up and look out at the gorge and the amazing view.

“It has to be one of the old historic houses right on the gorge. One day I am going to live in Ronda.”

The TV chef, who has just finished a BBC documentary about the town, also revealed that it would be the third house he had bought in the mountain town.

“I have sold them both and made a bit of money and am now I am looking for another place.”


The French chef, who started his career working with Keith Floyd, is also about to open a restaurant on the Costa del Sol.

The father-of-two, who had a baby boy with his fiancee Michelle last year, is opening his own-name restaurant in Puerto Banus this Spring.

After becoming a partner in a team that has just bought out the 46-room Hotel Locrimar, he will open the restaurant there.

“It is very exciting and I am sure will do really well. It has been very encouraging discovering how well known I am along the Costa del Sol.”


  1. No one.

    This man has an ego the size of Jupiter and opening a restaurant in bANUS in the middle of the worst recession in history shows a shocking lack of business acumen.

    There are already Michelin quality restaurants in Ronda. Banus has had its day – it’s over-rated and crime ridden. Ronda is a beautiful jewell on the other hand. Go there, and avoid Banus completely to experience proper cuisine.

  2. I read about Novelli’s Banus venture even earlier, in late 2008. What a shame Novelli needs to do his thing in Banus when there are so many more authentic locations in Andalucia. Poor judgement imho.

  3. ho ho – see the full interview by downloading the edition online…cant say it is riveting but it is good that people like novelli are investing money in andalucia, even if he will be up against it this year

  4. Has it? No idea, isn’t it your job to cover the news in Andalucia’s villages? Perhaps Simon knows; I’m sure he will comment in due course.

    Back to the thread, Novelli is investing in an overpriced expat zone, not in “Andalucia” as such. Does Banus really need another high-priced restaurant?

    Can’t wait for the next interview Jon…

  5. Hi Novelli, I was at your opening party with my wife, what a great party! Entertainment,food and atmosphere! In contrast to Mr.Fred Puerto Banus is a great location to live and to come for holidays! From a business point of view you for sure in the right area to make business successful! Regards Gary

  6. The hotel and restaurant are really something special. The food is absolutely amazing and the staff are lovely, very nice environment and the chefs table is something very different and such a good experience.

  7. Tks, Novelli´s for this amazing new place. ALSO TKS FOR MAKE INVESTIMENT when we need it the most. The negativism of some folks here doesn´t really help much these days…

  8. I find it so upsetting that anyone like Fred would not wish any new business, wherever it was situated in these terrible times – good luck. Jean-Christophe Novelli is one of the nicest people that I have ever met! I would like to know what Fred is basing his opinion on. Jealousy is a terrible thing Fred, wish everyone in life well and rewards will come your way!

  9. Personally I am delighted to welcome Novellis to Marbella. I have been a resident of Marbella for over 9 years now and perhaps the economic climate is a little down in the mouth but Banus always attracts visitors. The new restaurant is just another reason for people to come to the area. The more celebrities around the more people want to be around them or catch a glimpse of them.

    We are trying to drive people back to Marbella with the film festival this year, making it bigger and better this October. Celebrities and the film industry all help make this happen, so well done Hotel Lorcrimar for bringing Novellis to Marbella, and I wish you all the greatest success!

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