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Missing Marta ‘killed’ by ex-lover


Marta del Castillo and Miguel CarcañoSt Valentines day confession by 20-year-old boyfriend

THE ex-boyfriend of missing teenager Marta del Castillo has confessed to her murder.

Jealous former lover Miguel Carcaño, 20, admitted he had killed her in a fit of rage.

His confession to police on Valentines Day heralded a flurry of arrests in the case.

While police have still not found the body of Marta, 17, they have now made a total of four arrests in the case.

Carcano told police that he had thrown her body into the Guadalquivir River with the help of a friend Samuel Benitez, who is also now under arrest, accused of covering up the crime.

The pair had used a wheelchair belonging to the mother of Carcano, and a moped to take her body to the river from his house in the Macarena district.

Police are trying to establish whether Benitez could also be involved despite insisting that he was out with his girlfriend on the night of the murder.

Carcano himself admitted he had got into an argument with his ex girlfriend and hit her with an ashtray until she was dead.

He apparently finally confessed after being shown the heavy glass ashtray.

The current girlfriend of Carcano, a local 14-year-old called Rocio insisted that she knows he is the killer.

Marta del Castillo

She told local media that she knew that he was quite a jealous man, and when she had asked him if he had anything to do with the crime, he had simply hung his head in silence.

The family has vowed to fight for justice.

Marta’s cousin Sandra insisted that Carcano had only dated Marta for about a month “some time ago”.

Meanwhile there were shouts from the public of ‘asesinos’ (or murderers) as Miguel and his friend Samuel arrived in court in Sevilla on Monday.

Over the weekend police made two more arrests, including Carcano’s brother.

Hundreds of police and volunteers continued the search for her body along the length of the Guadalquivir river as far as Sanlucar in Cadiz.


  1. Peter, that comment was completely uncalled-for. This young girl, who was having “a bit of fun” playing at being dangerous (as most girls her age, and a lot of expat girls when they move over here) was killed because she stood up for herself to that yob; an act i hope more spanish girls/women will be able to begin to do without being harmed. Pete, there are scum like Miguel everywhere, and girls will be girls, but that doesn’t give him the right to punish her for it, and it doesn’t give YOU the right to sit in front of your computer and try to come up with some sort of disdainful quip: who the hell do you think you are? I’ve read some of your comments on this web-site, and you make me sick to know that we’re both british. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything AT ALL! What happened was terrible, and you have no right to make stupid comments about the poor girl!

  2. craig, i have EVERY right to make any comment i wish. and whether you agree or not……does it really matter? the problem with society is that it condones girls having ‘a bit fun.’ we have lost our moral compass and it pains me to see our English lasses in our country behave the way they do, the way they dress, etc. they don’t demand respect and in turn, do not receive any from the ‘scum’ they choose to associate themselves with. and when you have all these issues present, you get what happened to that young Spanish girl. so let us stop making excuses, the young amongst us are headed to a very bad end.

    and to fred, why the insults?? it seems if someone doesn’t agree with you, then they are open to your insults. i don’t know how old you are, but if you are working age, you should be at your workplace, and not monitoring this site. and if you are an older person, as myself, ….you seem to be angry at something. but your insults mean nothing, unless you want to help me kill some wolves.

  3. I choose to ignore this old fart who has nothing better to do than blame young people for all of society’s ills at this time of upheaval and crisis, when in reality we (the young people) are the ones that are having to pay for THEIR mistakes. And don’t argue with me, i can come up with many arguments as to why your lot are to blame and why us kids are condemned to not be able to solve the problem.

  4. No Pete, i don’t. I emancipated years ago, but i notice that when you haven’t got a good come back, you think a good insult will do; I feel this is good evidence of the little intelect you actually have. Keep up the good work commenting on things you don’t understand, you know it makes you feel better.

  5. Crai, and your come back is attacking my intellect. perhaps you should check yours first… and i am still convinced you live at home……….welching off your parents…

  6. Wow.. nice.. your defining a woman by her looks.. it is terrible for what has happened to her.. and all you care about is that thing in your pants! Disgusting! Filthy human..

  7. Peter, it wasn’t a come back, i was just stating the obvious. Y no vivo con mis padres. Entiendes espanol? Por que si no, entonces es otra prueba de tu intelecto inferior.

  8. Criag (un nombrre muy español) escribes español como un guiri…… typical kitchen spanish……..since when is entendiendo spanish a mark of high intelect?….

    oh and little victor…..you sure did read alot into my small comment…. weirdo

  9. Im not the weird one.. i dont spend my day coming up with stupid little comments to make.. unlike you.. because i actually have a life.. an education.. and a career.. and what do you do?

    Psht! Get over yourself..it was a little comment that hurt no one.. except your ego.. which evidently needs to be brutally tore down.. since you think you know everything.

  10. Here, here Peter. You are totally correct in this regard. The youth of today are in a moral tailspin. Who knows what damage they are causing the fabric of our society. I despair sometimes as I know you do.

    And while we are on the subject of society, wouldn’t you agree that

    Here, here Peter. You are totally correct in this regard. The youth of today are in a moral tailspin. Who knows what damage they are causing the fabric of our society. I despair sometimes as I know you do.

    And at the opposite end of the age spectrum, I’m sure you will agree with me Peter, that the old in our society don’t really serve any purpose and are merely a heavy burden on those of us of an age who actually make a positive contribution to the world. Don’t you agree Peter? The question is what we do with them. What do you reckon, Pete? I ask you specifically because I suspect you are the only contributor here who is going to share my views.

  11. This to and fro of insults is very silly, if somewhat amusing, but it´s time to stop now! A girl was killed. Whatever she was wearing or whatever she might have said, she still didn´t deserve to be killed. Provocation is never an excuse for killing someone. Even people with outrageous, extreme and fascistic views deserve the right to live, but perhaps they should remain silent for their arguments are borne of ignorance and will never win the argument.

  12. Ya veo que en este foro solo saben faltar al respeto. no tienes compasión. fue una tragedia y no deberiamos culpar una niña para los acciones violentos de un novio celoso. y también no deberiamos culpar a los jovenes para todo. si, hacen errores pero todas las personas los hacen.
    i feel sad for it that english persons have so bad views for the youth. mistakes are from everyone. un abrazo en un mundo que lo necesita.

  13. Rakel, estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo. La falta de respeto que muestran algunos de mis compatriotas me da verguenza. Afortunadamente la gente como Pete no es tipica; hay muchos britanicos, como yo, que son bastante normales. Es mejor no hacer caso a los extremistas.

    Oh, and Pete, there´s nothing wrong with entender espanol. Perhaps it´s your Spanish that is kitchen Spanish! You should get a life and stop insulting all and sundry.

  14. Without doubt something that never should have happened. I do tend to agree it was not the best photo to use but at the same time it does tell a story which is not told by the article itself. There is a problem with the youth of today – Spain is declining the same way that the Uk has declined. I saw it in the States I have seen it in the UK and I am seeing it here in Spain.

    One interesting point which no one has picked up on is that the current girlfriend of the 20 year old is only 14 years old! Do parents care or only when it is too late?

  15. again im swallowing hard on this story, because it sounds much as the other spanish/portuguese witch hunts, what they call ‘justice’.

    just hope they really have the ‘right’ one – this time.

  16. Here in Britain we certainly have a problem with a significant minority of our youth. I blame our post-war liberal-left consensus which has given us mass-immigration (at some schools in London there are over 20 different languages spoken), multi-culturalism (2nd and 3rd generation 5 years olds turn up at Primary school unable to speak English) and a generally poor education system.

    This has led to a generation of young people that have no respect for themselves nor anyone else and see learning and school as a waste of time.

    Teachers I know tell me that, these days, they do more crowd control than teaching! Thus those that want to learn don’t get the chance or are bullied for being ‘swots’.

    I think that Spain has a long way to go before it is as bad as the UK, for instance, articles which appear as sensational in the OP wouldn’t even get mentioned in the UK as they are so commonplace!

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