4 May, 2009 @ 12:21
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Bargain break? Come to Spain


Forget England, Spain is still cheapest holiday destination in Europe

SPAIN and Cyprus are the best places in Europe for a budget break, according to a new survey.

“There are some fantastic value for money deals available on both holidays and foreign exchange”

The Holiday Cost of Living study, which compares prices in 16 popular holiday destinations, shows that a three course meal in Spain is exactly half price of the UK.

It also shows that a beer is almost a third the price of the UK and cheaper only in Bulgaria.

In total, daily holiday expenditure in Spain is around 35 euros compared to 50 euros in the UK.

This is the same price as Bulgaria and Egypt and only a euro more than Tunisia and Turkey.

Only Goa in India is substantially cheaper at 15 euros a day.

Thomas Cook CEO of mainstream travel Pete Constanti said: “There are some fantastic value for money deals available on both holidays and foreign exchange.

“If you are on a tight budget, consider an all-inclusive option, this will mean that you’ve paid for food, drinks and some activities in advance.”


  1. Would like to know when this survey was done if it was before or after the the euro became worth almost a pound.

    But it can be done I know of some great value restaurants in the area of Almunecar – Casa Morgan (very Spanish menu), Los Laurels (international), El Chaleco (long established French influenced) which have great menus and good quality food – not the typical Spanish beach restaurant preparation and are good value. Best to avoid the tourist areas for best value/quality.

  2. Chris are you blind or just one of those fortunate enough to live in Spain. Most British holidaymakers are NOT drunken louts but, decent families out for a good holiday. Spain relies on tourism for the bulk of it’s income. Without tourism the building trade is also affected. I have lived in Spain for 20 years now, (partly in Ibiza and partly Granada). So bring on all the tourists possible because we all need them to maintain the current lifestyle that Spain offers.

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