A VIOLENT man has lost custody of his dog due to ill treatment.
A judge has ruled that her collie-mix must be handed to an animal charity, in the first case of its kind in Spain.

The charity Amigos de los Peros, in Granada, will take care of the dog for two years as a punishment for continual mistreatment.

The owner, a man living in the city, had already been fined 720 euros last year for cruelty to the dog.

But, in November, he was spotted in the street by a member of the animal charity giving the dog “a serious beating”.

A report was quickly filed and the police arrived to arrest the man.

When asked why he had hit the dog, the man said: “He was badly behaved and deserved a serious beating.”

He is now to be banned from having any pets if a new petition by the charity is successful.

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  1. What’s in a spelling piero, when the most important thing is the way animals are treated here in spain, chill out man! Treatment of animals is improving but it’s got a long way to go. piero, your spelling is not that hot either but you’re forgiven.

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