A WOMAN has left three million euros in her will to protect an endangered species of cat in Andalucia.

The Junta has accepted the cash to save the dwindling Iberian Lynx.

Some inheritance money may go to half-brothers Coca and Calia, who have cat leukaemia, an illness which killed four of the species in 2007.

Until cleared of the virus they cannot be released into the wild or used for breeding.

A total of nine million euros was left to animal charities in the woman’s will.

The woman, who lived alone on the Canary Islands, has left nine million euros to three different animal charities.

The rest of the money is going to Amigos de los Animales and the Association for the Defence of the Borrico de Rute, in Córdoba, which protects donkeys.

The Spanish government must approve inheritance payments.

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