THE Olive Press’ website has broken yet another record – and has its eyes focussed on securing another landmark.

A cool 60,000 readers logged on last month to read our cutting-edge news, features and opinion pieces.

This marked the best monthly figures ever recorded in our short history.

Staggeringly, this is almost double the amount of hits logged just four months ago in November (36,294).

And now the Olive Press is just 50,000 hits short of recording one million views.

It is tribute to the Olive Press’ continual dedication to investigating and writing fresh, exclusive stories that may, heaven forbid, ruffle a few feathers along the way.

Thanks to stories such as the Great Insurance Fiddle and Blind Terror we endeavour to tread where no other Andalucian paper dares to even look.

And to celebrate these booming viewing figures the Olive Press is offering one lucky visitor a special prize.

We will gladly award our one-millionth viewer a free two-night stay at the four-star Caleta hotel in Gibraltar.

Currently, our all-time website hits stand at some 950,000 views, so if you are already a cyberspace convert or yet to see what all the fuss is about, then it’s high time to log on!

So get surfing and check out and join our fast-growing band of followers.

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