By Nicola Cowell

A BOOKIE is taking bets on which Spanish city will be the hottest this summer – with the majority being in Andalucia.

Current favourites are Sevilla, Cordoba and Las Palmas, in the Canaries, with Murcia, Granada, Malaga and Badajoz also in the running.

These seven cities were officially the hottest last year, with the mercury rising an average of three degrees higher than usual in Andalucia in 2009.

Huge international gambling company Betfair is offering low odds for the three hotspots with Sevilla set to win you 1.40 euros for every euro you bet.

Malaga could win you 6.20 euros and Murcia and Granada have the longest odds at 7.60 euros.

Sevilla is favourite and, if nearby Ecija is anything to go by, it could take the title.

Nicknamed the ‘frying pan of Andalucia’, Ecija is currently the hottest place in Europe and once reached a blistering 52°C.

Ecija: the 'frying pan' of Europe

Temperatures are being recorded throughout June, July and August, and Betfair has enlisted the state meteorological agency AEMET to give the official temperatures.

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