THE LATEST opinion poll is putting the conservative PP Party in Andalucia at 9.1 per cent ahead of the governing socialists.

Counting on the support of 47 per cent of the voters, PP is now in a strong enough position to get an absolute majority in the region.

PSOE socialists have governed Andalucia since the first regional elections in 1982.

But their popularity is constantly reaching new lows amid a protracted economic downturn.

The new IESA poll shows that 70% of Andalucians want a change of government.

Leftwing hardliners of Izquierda Unida (IU) are also doing well, boosting their share of the vote to 8.2 per cent, according to IESA.

The Junta’s Socialist boss Antonia Grinan, however, continue to come on top in personal polls, underlining the voters’ overall disillusion with the political leaders.

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