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Year of decision beckons for Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez

Is Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez enjoying a New Year's Day glass of cava as he mulls calling an early General Election in 2022? The leader...

Macabre Secret Santa-style present of a lamb’s head could destroy political coalition in Valencia region of Spain

AN angry row over a lamb's head threatens to end a political pact on a Valencian Community council. The Vinaros municipality in Castellon Province is...

Calls for Guardia Civil numbers and salary to match Policia Nacional

THE PSOE in Marbella are calling for a boost in Guardia Civil numbers. The Socialists will support a town hall motion next week which...

Ex-PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez announces fresh leadership bid at Sevilla rally

THE ex-leader of the Socialists has launched a fresh leadership bid. Pedro Sanchez announced his candidacy to a huge 3,000 strong rally in Sevilla, the...

EX PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez announces tour of Spain to ‘listen to militants’

And Sevilla will be the first port of call for the ousted Pedro Sanchez, who says he wants to meet and listen to the 'unheard' voices of his grassroots, 'militant' fan base

Race to head PSOE begins as Patxi Lopez announces leadership bid

Paxti Lopez is the first to announce his intention to stand in the contest for the secretary general post

Socialists rally to demand Pedro Sanchez resurrect PSOE leadership role

Sixty eight politicians from across Spain rallied in Madrid to plead with the former PSOE general secretary to stand for re-election to the top job at the party's 2017 congress

Spain enroute to new election as parties rule out last-minute deal

The King is still set to meet with the parties next week

A new dawn for Andalucia

Andalucia should wake up to an entirely new political scenario on Monday morning

Divide and conquer?

As Madrid Socialists cast out stalwart Tomas Gomez, PP ranks prepare for power play, writes Mario Alegria

Can Podemos really win?

Journalist Mario Alegria questions Podemos’ political weight in his debut column

‘El Guapo’ – the new face of Spain’s Socialists

Pedro Sanchez - 'the handsome one' - received nearly 50% of the vote

European election polls show two-party dominance set to stumble

After four decades of power, the PP and PSOE could have to change course

Spain gets a new government

The conservative PP party has won a record victory in the general election dominated by the country's looming debt crisis

Andalucia goes conservative

Andalucia is likely to see the first change of government in 30 years




Controversy over fireworks used in christening ceremony of British cruise ship in Spain’s Malaga Port

MIDNIGHT champagne-smashing and fireworks blasting have left residents in Malaga fuming of the christening of the new ship in Malaga port. The launching of fireworks...


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