By Anatoly Kurmanaev

MIJAS Costa in a state of alarm after a second child kidnap attempt.

A Torremolinos mother appealed for vigilance after her daughter was accosted by a man on coming out of the municipal swimming pool.

The man invited the child to get into his car but the kidnap attempt failed for undisclosed reasons.

A strikingly similar accident occurred earlier in December nearby in Benalmadena.

A man in his 20s asked an 11-year-old girl to get into his red BMW where his two accomplices were waiting.

But, by incredible fortune, an elderly British man, who heard the girl’s screams came to her rescue.

He pushed the assailant away and threatening to call the police.

The girl’s father is now trying to locate the British hero to “thank him for what he did for my daughter and for me.”

The police are not currently treating the two incidents as related.

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